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UK November 23: I have installed the new BC25HD board: it’s quite brilliant. If I could, I would buy another SoundDock on the internet and then fit this kit. It really does bring the SoundDock into the 21st Century. I fully endorse all your comments regarding the sound quality of the original SoundDock using an HD codec.
Nice video, too. Thanks again. Christopher (USA)

Canada Nov 23: Im based out of BC Canada basically had a bose brick. Ordered both the BC25HD Bluetooth module and new board. Was super easy process. The product along with awesome instructional videos make it a no brainer! My dock sounds better than it ever did - Awesomeness
Chris B.C Canada

Netherlands Nov 23: These guys and ladies are dedicated and hard working. I ordered the BC20 from them in October and then I had a complete brain failure. I either forgot or completely disregarded the fact they got hit hard by COVID. Either way, I almost blew it with them and denied myself the BC20. Fortunately, they were much more understanding and compassionate than I was, and they persevered with me until it was reshipped in January taking only seven days. Thank you, Ed and Laura. It is a great upgrade to an old piece of technology that has pretty much been relegated to “novelty” status. Now, it has the latest wireless capability and upgraded sound quality. It was always good – after all it is Bose – but now it is even better. Don’t toss or give your old Bose Sound Dock away to some charity simply because you no longer have an iPod, upgrade your dock to the BC25HD and enjoy great sound again.
Theo R.

Danemark Nov 23:Like several people have already said, I was worried about dealing with a company I didn't know and in another country, but everything about the experience was excellent! First of all, there was the now rare great customer service - any e-mail inquiry was answered professionally in no more than two days (even on weekends!). Then there are the videos - superb is the only word to describe them! I had a problem with a Bose Sounddock 10. I don't have much experience with this, but with the clear and patient directions on the video I understood what I was doing and was able to remove (and later reinstall) the power unit. The directions on how to ship it from the US to the UK were also great. Now the Bose unit is back up and running and sounds as great as ever. Many, many thanks for helping me keep this out of a landfill! I highly recommend Invebo
D T Denmark

USA Nov 23:First class service. From the really helpful video tutorials, the actual repair of my Bose Sound Dock and the email responses to my queries I can’t fault Invebo’s service. 100% recommended.

NY,USA Nov 23:Good morning Ed or I should say good afternoon to you.I wanted to touch base with you again, after watching the great video you provided and following it in great detail, I am ecstatic to report that my sounddock is working again. I must admit that I was certain that it was probably the sound board. I can't explain the joy and surprise I had when I mounted the battery back on and that famous double beep sounded.
I can't thank you enough for your advice, care and knowledge that you showed me through my e mails and for your thorough and detailed videos that are available.
In my are a genius...I really mean that.
Thank you very much again
Yours truly Joe NY

USA Nov 23:I found this company when searching for a solution to make an original Bose Sound Dock useful again. I wrote to customer service and received very useful information. Ed was most kind and answered all of my questions. I ordered the BC20 and it arrived in 10 days, I am in the states. The instructions were in PDF form and on YouTube. I watched the video once before installing and also while I attempted to tackle the task, of course. The instructor was precise and humorous as well, making it the process fun. My dock an the BC25HD upgrade sounds incredible. I could not be more pleased how it all went, taking about 45 minutes, I didn’t hurry. I can now stream music using my iPhone 7 & 11. I highly recommend Invebo and their staff
Cindy NY,USA

Belgium Nov 23:Excellent service! Reasonable prices and high quality parts! I ordered a part, then discovered I had a different type of BOSE SoundDock. The company sent me the correct part even before I could return the other part. Thanks a lot! Perfect service! Am now just waiting for Austrian postal service to the UK to resume to return the other part. My SoundDock portable works perfect after I installed the part. Thanks again.
Jan M. Belgium

London Nov 23:Like most people I was wary when looking to deal with a Company I didn't know. However, I'm delighted to confirm that I had a really positive experience in terms of being kept informed of progress and the repair that was completed in the power board for my Sounddock 10 following it being damaged by an electrical 'spike' which left the unit 'dead'. I followed the excellent YouTube videos to re-install the power board and now have a fully functional Sounddock again. I'm delighted and wouldn't hesitate to use Invebo again.
Nigel A.

Netherlands Nov 23: I'm based out of BC Canada basically had a bose brick. Ordered both the Bluetooth module and new board. Was super easy process; mailing took a while, but that could also just be covid. Anyway product along with awesome instructional videos make it a no brainer! Awesomeness

London Oct 23:I found this company when Googling a company to repair my Bose SoundDock, which had developed a fault in the soundboard. After watching their videos and reading these reviews, I telephoned them and got answers to all the questions I had. I ordered the replacement soundboard and asked if they had any spare feet, as my Bose was missing one. They sent the soundboard so it arrived the following day, along with some spare feet free-of-charge. The installation instructions and video were great, and the Bose is probably better than new! Too marks to this little company of brilliant engineers
Adam C.

France Oct 23:GREAT COMPANY and SERVICE. Bought my Bose SoundDock 1 in 2005. Due to all to power outages / power surges here in ZA, I had to replace the power brick. Lasted another year or so then Dock would not turn on. Decided to have a look inside for an obvious fault. Fiddled around and managed to mess up the ribbon cable connector on the sound processor board. a Search on Google revealed Invebo. Sent the sound processor and docking board to them which they promptly repaired to the highest engineering standards ( I am an electronics tech ). The courier charges quoted to return boards to me were a bit high so I requested delivery to a friend in the UK. He managed to DHL the boards to me at a lower cost. Installed boards and my Dock 1 is once again pumping out the sounds. This unit works 6 - 8 hours a day in my lab / ham shack -- cannot do without it. Thank you very much to Invebo for keeping this wonderful Bose product alive. Very few units ( even the Bose replacement ) on the market cannot compete. Keep up the good work.
Pierre ZA

Oslo Oct 23:My sounddock 10 could no longer be switched on. After some research on google I came across invebo. There my sound dock was very competently brought back to life. Fast and very good processing at a fair price.

Leeds,UK Oct 23:Ordered BC25 Bluetooth upgrade kit for my original Series 1 Bose SoundDock. I am absolutely delighted with every aspect of the transaction: the quality of the engineered piece, the clear and fool-proof installation video and, above all, the absolutely fabulous sound I’m now getting from my trusty unit is a revelation. Thank you so much – miraculous!

USA Oct 23:Ordered the parts to add BT to an original Bose Sounddock and a Series II. Everything arrived at my US address very fast and was expertly packed with exactly what I ordered. I used their very helpful videos to install everything which only took about 30 minutes for both. A big thank you goes out to the staff at Invebo for knocking this transaction out of the park. I am very impressed and will be back for future purchases.

UK, Oct Nov 23:I ordered a SoundDock Portable Docking Board and successfully installed it myself following their Youtube video. The instructions were simple and clear. I was pleasantly surprised that I am now able to get some more use out of this otherwise perfectly working Bose speaker. Invebo knows Bose speakers inside and out. They can help you find out what is wrong with your speaker, and likely have a part or solution to bring it back to life. Don't add to the landfill just yet! Thank you for the wonderful product and speedy service. Fellow Americans, the airmail shipping method they use is reliable and inexpensive.
Karen C

Texas Oct 23: My sound dock series 1 stopped playing and frankly i had given up the idea of getting it fixed. Then i saw the Invebo videos on You Tube. I contacted them for help and advice and discovered the most helpful & knowledgeable people i have spoken to in recent years. How refreshing to deal with people who know what they are talking about. I upgraded my dock to include a Bluetooth function and had my sound processor serviced. Removing and refitting the modules was simple with guides available on line. Then the moment of truth, plugged in switched on and the sound flooded out, better than ever. I don't write many reviews but Invebo were more than deserving of this one. Great service and a very quick response. Thank you Invebo.
Judd Textas,USA

Ottowa Oct 23: What an excellent Company! My old Bose SoundDock stopped working but a Google search lead me to this Company; I watched their video, made contact and sent in my components for repair. They were back with me within three days and the SoundDock is now working perfectly! Very helpful and immediate responses to all my questions - highly recommended.
Paul K.

Dublin Oct 23: I heartily recommend dealing with the good people at They are producing a brilliant upgrade kit that brings the Bose SoundDock into the Bluetooth age. The kit works like a charm and is quite easy to fit by following the comprehensive video instructions. Everyone I've dealt with there has been very helpful and friendly. I've upgraded four SoundDocks using their kit and intend to do a fifth soon. This company is helping keep good quality technology functioning which is an environmemtal must these days. I give them my highest recommendation.
Andy B, Ireland

Glasgow Sep23: This is the second time I have used Invebo and both times their customer service and communication has been amazing. I don't live in the UK and was on a tight time frame to send off my old Bose power supply and receive back repaired before I left. I posted off to Invebo and they turned it around in a day plus they regularly emailed to give an update. Fantastic service from all at Invebo thank you. I haven't come across another company - large or small who are as committed to giving such a great service and work so hard to provide an all round positive experience.
Angela R

USA Sep 23: Having had my dock from new it suddenly stopped working. I found these guys online and called them to discuss the options. They suggested removing the processor and sending to them to repair. However on dismantling to remove the processor I found a loose ribbon cable with damaged ends. Asking for advice they suggested I send the whole unit back which I did. My repair was not a 'standard' fix- typical !. Probably due to the poorly cable a part of the processor had fried that doesn't normally happen. The guys persisted and finally located a replacement part - repaired and returned to me last week. An absolutely top-class service that I would recommend to anyone with a poorly dock. A little wait whilst the part was located but the unit was returned in perfect working order. I couldn't be more impressed. 10/10
Ian B

USA Sep 23: Recently bought a Bose Sounddock Portable player via facebook and the dock wouldn't charge the ipod. After a quick search of the internet, I found Invebo and their youtube instructions. Also after placing my order, they immediately contacted me and advised that the part I ordered was incorrect and that in order to fix the problem, they put me onto the correct part. Given they are based in the UK and I am in Australia, I found their service to be absolutely top notch. Every single step of the process has been fantastic and the docking station repair instructions were so easy to follow that I can without any hesitation, recommend Invebo to assist you with your Bose docking station problem (better than Bose themselves).
Thomas, IL

Belgium Sep 23: Our Bose SoundDock stopped working a couple of years ago, and I packed it away and forgot about it. Recently, I ran across a YouTube video from Invebo where they showed how to diagnose the SoundDock to see if it could be repaired. Fortunately, ours appeared that it could. So, I purchased their no-risk repair service and followed their instructional video on how to remove the sound card, which was the likely failed component. I shipped it to them (from California), following their mailing instructions and customs declarations recommendations. Invebo notified us when the package arrived, and kept us up to date on its processing status. Within just a couple of days, they let us know that the repair was complete and the part was on its way back to us. The package arrived quickly, within a week as they estimated, and I've put our SoundDock back together. We were so happy to find that it works perfectly! Invebo, you are the best! What a nice surprise to have found your videos on YouTube and discovered your repair service. It is so great to have the SoundDock working again, after being without it for the past couple of years.
Aedel, Belgium

HK Sep 23: My Bose Sound Dock 10 stopped working as a result of the weeklong power outage and rolling blackouts. Searching online we found and watched the Invebo video showing that it could be repaired. At first, I thought this was all a ruse. However, despite my doubts I decided to send it for repair. I followed the sequence of detailed instructions to remove the power board, boxed it, and posted it across the pond. Customer Service (Ed and Laura) was accessible by email so I was able to get quick responses to my questions and concerns. The repair was quite reasonably priced. The power board was confirmed inoperable, repaired, and tested before it was returned to me. It then took a few weeks to receive Ed’s reassembly video (life happens while one waits). Once it arrived in my email, I got to work immediately but slowly followed his precise step-by-step instructions to put the Sound Dock back together. YES! It was indeed operating again! I am truly pleased that the Sound Dock 10 is playing my music via iPod again. I purchased a surge protector to prevent future power problems. Thanks so much Team Invebo!!!
Karen W. Hong Kong

Canada Sep 23: With the help of Invebo, the Gen1Bose SoundDock is working again! Upgraded it to Bluetooth with their SD25HD. Amazing company to deal with from Canada. I took the chance and sent off the board for repair. No regrets and saved a good unit from the dumpster. I commend this company for their efforts. Too many electronics end up in the land-fill! Thanks again. Rob Laing
Rob L. Canada

UK Sep 23: With the help of Invebo, the Gen1Bose SoundDock is working again! Upgraded it to Bluetooth with their BC20. Amazing company to deal with from Canada. I took the chance and sent off the board for repair. No regrets and saved a good unit from the dumpster. I commend this company for their efforts. Too many electronics end up in the land-fill! Thanks again. Rob Laing
Karen May

UK: If you are looking at this, then like me, you have a Bose SoundDock and it has stopped working. I knew I had a quality sound system and was disappointed that it had stopped working after being left in the conservatory over a few very cold nights, but thought that at least I had 10 years good service out of it. I was going to throw it away and replace, until I came across invebo. The clear technical guides identified my problem and the speed of turnaround for the repair of my soundboard was very impressive. I was initially dubious, but now am totally convinced, an excellent service which brings a new life to your poorly Bose SoundDock!

USA: I revived the board last evening.. Seems to be working out well. Thanks again for all your help. If you're ever in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area of the world, the first pint is on me.
Cheers again.
Eamon FLA.

UK: Dear Invebo, I can't find any other way to send this message, but I would like to congratulate all at Invebo for their brilliant service and the wonderful product which I received this am. The service includes that excellent video which shows how------- I am of limited ability, but have completed the job in about 45 minutes saving me about £200. thanks again!!

Colombia: Invebo thanks!!!
My bose is now updated and returned to life! excuse the inconvenience. Your web page, tutorials on youtube and your products are very good.

UK: @INVEBO just connected Bluetooth upgrade to my old Bose that had not been working for 2 years.Great product guys! :):):):)

USA: Dear Sirs, Thank you very much for your mail.I'm delighted to let you know that the repaired lead arrived today and not only works perfectly but also is,technically,a vast improvement on the original. I shall leave positive feedback on ebay for your troubles, yours faithfully, Nick Watkinson

UK: Hi there. Just to let you know I got my component yesterday and I installed it last night.Read the instructions this morning, paired it up to an iPod touch and off we went. I have to say that as someone who is not easily impressed, I am thoroughly delighted with the BC6. It was a doddle to install - I am an electronics engineer but a muppet could do this!! Really very very easy. Anyway MANY MANY thanks as I listen to my BOSE docking station streaming music from my iPod.

UK: Hello, I've installed the Bluetooth and universal charge upgrade, and it's brilliant - just what I was after. Unless I'm missing something, where can I leave a review? Regards Lee

USA: Hi, Just a quick mail to say thanks for the first class service that I had from Invebo last week. My Soundock is up and running perfectly again now thanks to the parts you supplied and your excellent YouTube videos. It is refreshing to get such good service with no fuss at all. Thank you. Nigel

USA: I was about to dump my old, but loved Sound Dock series 1 (Firewire). Without the my old iPod the unit was worthless, but invebo changed that. I purchase

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