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SoundDock Original

High quality parts and upgrades manufactured by invebo with 24-carat 15 micron gold plated docking connector with secure anchor.

SoundDock Series II

SoundDock Portable

SoundDock 10

High quality parts and upgrades by invebo to service and repair your Bose SounDock 10

BlueTooth Upgrade

Docking Adaptor

Module Repairs

For customers in the EU we offer a fixed price repair for your sound processor module. All repairs have a six month warranty.

Charge Upgrade Parts

If you would like your SoundDock Original to charge and play the Iphone, Ipod Touch or the later Ipods then you need the charge upgrade. We sell this in two forms: A kit with the tools and adhesives instructions and materials OR if your prefer, just the docking board with USB charge circuit. The upgrade takes about five minutes and is very easy to do (much easier than flat pack furniture!), Note that an advantage of the kit is that your dock connector will be replaced which is very useful if yours is worn or broken.

Bose Power Supplies

It is very common for a power supply to fail. We offer refurbished units. We replace the parts that age and stop working with more reliabile parts that have an equivalent life of 4X the original. Once the power supply is upgraded it will last for many years.

This is an exchange unit for your SoundDock original power supply. You are required to send us your unit first and we will dispatch a replacement unit to you by return. The power supply you receive will have some minor cosmetic signs of having being opened for the refurbishment. If you are worried about minor cosmetic marks along the seam of the power supply then please do not buy this replacement. However if you prefer the green option then this supply has all the parts that age and fail replaced with high quality parts with better specification than the originals. Send us your supply and we will send you a replacement by return. Please check the product photos carefully.

Docking Boards

If you have problems with your dock it is likely to be due to a damaged docking connector. We supply a fully engineered alternative to the original Bose part.

Ribbon Cables & Screws

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